Room to Grow is a program that provides children and adults with the space, time and opportunities to grow and learn. Through their participation in the program, parents  learn about child development and early learning and  grow in their relationship with their child. Children, with the support of caring adults, learn through hands-on involvement and in-depth exploration of the world around them. 

The program at Room to Grow is based on accepted theories of child development and early learning including those of John Dewey, Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, Jerome Bruner and Howard Gardner and is inspired by such exemplary early childhood programs as the Children's Schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Our Core Beliefs:

  • that children are capable and competent and can be trusted to  participate in creating their own learning 
  • that our classroom and play yard spaces are the '3rd teacher' and should offer rich and varied opportunities to explore, problem solve and create
  • that play is the mechanism by which children learn
  • that children and teachers need opportunities to represent their thoughts, reflections and ideas about what they are learning
  • that learning takes time and children need opportunities to reflect on their work, and to revisit and repeat experiences as part of the learning process
  • that parents and families are an important part of the learning environment and contribute to the learning process

Our Philosophy

At Room to Grow we believe that the quality of a child’s early education experience contributes to their learning and social success, not just in kindergarten, but well into their futures.  At Room to Grow we guide and support children toward mastery of the foundations of learning:

Learning to know:  we want children to develop into engaged and joyful learners and to see themselves as capable and competent.

Learning to do:  we want children to learn to use the tools that enable them to explore, learn and to communicate and represent  their learning.

Learning to be:  we want children to develop the abilities that enable them to be independent, critical thinkers.

Learning to live together:  we want children to develop an understanding of other people as well as the skills to interact successfully.

The program at Room to Grow respects and supports children’s need and right to play as a critical way of exploring their world, gaining knowledge, and building the foundation for later learning.